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You are so lucky to be blessed with adventurous eaters. My boys would come back skinny as rails!lol


Very interesting, especially the difference in the taste of milk and bananas. I had to laugh at the "rice bubbles".
I bet by the time you get back to the US, half n half will seem too rich after all that whole milk!


Yum, the breakfast pictures are enticing. I love "yoghurt" w/ bananas & a bit of honey! One of my favorite treats. Also, I have been making more sausage & bacon for the kids at breakfast, I read somewhere that more fat in the diet in the morning is better for metabolizing food throughout the day and also helps to cut the carb cravings. Your kids are lucky that you are so adventurous a Mom! Can't wait to hear what other foods you discover.


Hi Debbie, We have been eating more sausage and bacon for the past couple of years for breakfast, and it really seems to help everyone's moods and ability to function until lunchtime--especially mine : ). Nikki, I think Sophie is the one that's going to come back skinny---she is having a hard time with the new foods and the first week lived mainly on crackers, toast and rice bubbles.


Hi Christie,
I was surprised by the number of fruit flavored icecream choices.
Are they actually icecream or more like sherbert or sorbet?
They all looked so yummy. I was curious about the Poppy Seed.
Will they let you have a sample to try like here?
Tell Sophie we thought of her this evening.
We were at a pool party at the Treesdale Community Center and they had Brownie Bites from Costco. I thought I remembered her liking them.
Glad to read that your kids are swimming.
We are thinking of having Collin and Victoria do Pine Richland Swim Team this fall.
Alexander is going to stick with Homeschool Golf.
Is there much golfing in Australia?
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers,

Marci for the Witouskis

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