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Great posts, Christie, and excellent photos. Is the laundry done yet? And Stephen Maturin wants to know how you would identify the birds, the ones on the rocks. The van has been super, by the way, all fixed and a treat to drive. Conrad, its only other rider so far, has been delighted. We're looking forward to more antipodean news and posts.


Thanks for your continuing updates - very interesting. Glad to see the pictures of the interior of your house - it looks very nice ! The kids seem to be enjoying themselves right off the bat !
What is the air temperature now ? And, I must ask Greg what "antipodean" means. I don't think that was in the dictionary when I went to school !
Keep up the writing.

(I don't know why I am signed in as your dad - he was using my computer, and now I can'tget his name off !!)


What an amazing journey, Christie. It's quite fun to feel like I'm experiencing a little bit with you through your details and pictures. The way that washer looks, I would think that it could fly or maybe have internet access considering the electronic panel! The coffee looks amazing...wish that we could have a cup together! The Cleveland airport is only about 15 minutes from where we live and I thought about coming up to say goodbye, but new it would be way to crazy. Can you post more pictures of the house when you get settled? It looks very pretty. Also, love Sophie's pink coat... she's so cute!


Oops...used the wrong knew in my post...that's what I get for not proofreading!


What a beautiful place! (And to be so close to the ocean! Wow!


Nicole, I didn't realize that you lived so close to the Cleveland airport. It would have been nice to see you, but you are right that it was a bit crazy. I have taken many photos of the inside of the house which I will be posting in the near future. I am in need of some decorating advice for one of the rooms---I imagine you would be able to help out with that.


Hi Aunt Janet, Thanks for your comments. I knew as soon as I saw "jcs383" that it was probably you rather than Dad. I just looked up antipodean because I wasn't sure of its meaning: it refers to the opposite side of the world. The air temperature has been in the fifties more or less, maybe a bit lower at night. When the sun comes out it feels warm--yesterday the high was about 12 C.


Greg, glad the van is working out for you. Hopefully it doesn't give you any trouble in the future. I thought of Stephen Maturin the moment I saw the birds but have no idea what they are. A trip to the local bookstore to find a book on bird identification is high on the list of things to do around here.


Christie, I enjoyed all the pictures and I hope you all get used to your new schedules soon. I smiled at the sleeping children, don't they look so angelic when they are sleeping?
After all the time you have spent apart, I found the picture of Ross and Cameran touching....they must love being together again, playing basketball.
Much love, Shanda



Your house is beautiful inside and out.
I love the hardwood floors and the landscaping.
Are there any interesting things coming up in the yard?
Spring is around the corner, right? But it would be more like Florida weather?
I saw your comment about identifying snakes from the library books.
Could there potentially be dangerous snakes in your yard?
I think of you when I enjoy my coffee each day.
Any luck finding something to replace half and half?

My prayers are with you,

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