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Kent Keller

Karlissa has learned how to make a pavlova....very nice indeed. One of the best Aussie desserts and it isn't chocolate.

Crystal says she will come very soon if you take her to Trampoline. :-) Actually just call her tomorrow to check schedules for the week.


Christie, What is Katie drinking in the brown bottle?


Katie is drinking water. Learning to make pavlova is high on my list of things to do next . . .


I just lurve passionfruit! It's one of my favourite fruits. It is especially good on icecream - especially frozen banana icecream!



LOL, why would he ask you if you were from New Zealand? that is too funny. Sorry about the scare w/James, though, those sorts of things shake me up, too. Yikes.

Your sandwiches looked so good. I am now officially hungry what with the pizza post and now this one. We will all gain weight if you keep this up. :)


I think that brown bottle water server is really cool. I want one now. :)


Glad that James (and you) are okay after the crosswalk incident! I'm curious about homeschooling while in Austrailia. If I recall, since you are a teacher, can you "keep yourself and kids in check" meeting all of the requirements, or do you have to have a fellow teacher make sure that the requirements are satisfied? If the latter is so, how will you do this? In other words...how will homeschooling in Austrailia and meeting US requirements be different?


@Shanda--Now I finally now what to bring you for a gift the next time we visit (just hope it won't be too far in the future). I have so far refused to put batteries in our electronic scales. I am hoping that the extra walking we do is taking care of the extra calories.


@Shanda---I suppose the postal worker asked if I was from New Zealand because I was having trouble with the money. I can tell you that Australians have found this story very funny. I need to ask them exactly why they find it so hilarious.

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