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Kent Keller

I know for an American it is hard to understand that the Macadamia is NOT native to Hawaii but is actually an Australian native nut. It is the only Australian native food to be internationally exported and known in any quantity. Those of us in the house that can eat nuts very much enjoy them.
Love the pics.


@Kent: Thanks for the information about Macadamia nuts---I didn't know they weren't native to Hawaii, and I wonder why Australia doesn't get more credit for them.


I love all the pictures, Christie. The wildlife, the food. It would be fun for me, trying out new foods. Unfortunately, most of my kids aren't so adventuresome in that area. Only Brianna. Sounds like you all are adjusting rather well. Miss seeing you.

Karin Smith

one of my favorite parts of living (short term albeit) in a foreign country is going to the grocery store. it is always a mini-adventure. you never know exactly how to weigh and pay for the produce (do they weigh it at the check out, or are you supposed to have it weighed and marked in the produce aisle?) and you can never be totally sure of what you will find in that can or sealed package until you get home and open it. fun, fun. i had to go to the grocery store every day in rome and i had to haul conrad there with me, but i always looked forward to going. do i sound obnoxious? :) my point is that i love the pictures. it is like taking a virtual mini-adventure with all of you.


Neat! Christie, I know it still wouldn't be the same but one time a friend of mine gave me a small scoop of vanilla ice cream in my coffee and it was good. Maybe that would help with the lack of half and half.
Thanks for taking all the pictures. I enjoy all your posts.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your family.

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