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Well, the boxes are good news and all (my energy failed at the sight of them but then I haven't been without my stuff for weeks, either), but I hope their infinite variety won't distract you from remarkably fascinating and detailed accounts of birds and beasts. Natural philosophy suits you very well, soul, along with cultural anthropology!


Christie, Cameron is looking so big (as in grown up~) lately! Is he eating like a growing boy? I can't believe how much Jacob eats. It's so strange to see our children growing up. ;)
I enjoyed reading your update. I can imagine how exciting it was to open up the boxes.
Daily trip to the library? I'm w/you! We would be the same way if we could walk there. Will you do a post about it soon? I'm curious about overdue fines. LOL
About my camera comment: Your pictures are fabulous. I only meant that it would be fun for you and the kids to be able to take close ups of nature easily. I've often wished for a telephoto lens for myself because it's so hard to get close to wild animals.
Congrats to Sophie on losing a tooth! She's so cute!


Christie, I'm so glad to see that you received all of your boxes safely. You can now take a big sigggghhhhh.lol Will you start homeschooling at the end of August? You had mentioned Katie showing an interest in attending school in Australia. Is she still wanting to do that? I can't believe that summer is almost over already. I wish we had 70 degree days during our winter. I wonder how hot it will get during your summer months.


Christie, we have been following your adventure and are amazed. It has been fun to learn new Australian "things" with your family. We continue to pray for you all and may the Lord continue to draw you closer to Him and each other during this adventure.
Miss you LOTS !

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