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Kent Keller

Haven't read all of your posts yet....Did you explain that "Smarties" in Australia were a competitor and similar to M&M's, not the small sweet tart candies that are sold by the same name in the USA?


Kent--I probably should have explained that they are similar to M&M's. We are acquainted with them because of all the time we spend in Canada, where they are more common than M&M's. Most of my readers probably aren't familiar with them though, so thanks for clarifying.


Mmmm - those "Smartie" cookies look delicious (or as Canadians often say "delish".) Think I will make some for the grandkids tomorrow - or better yet, let them make some for me!

Your "unpacking" day must have seemed just like Christmas ! What fun ! Everything put away yet?


I was chuckling over the "kids dotty biscuits" when I read it on the menu and then saw that you were also intrigued. I was glad to see the comments btw you and Kent, b/c I also thought they looked more like mnms than smarties.
I'll try making them, too!
I already enjoyed my cup of coffee this morning but reading your post makes me want to go have another. Preferably in a coffee shop. With no children. And a good book. *Dreams*


Aunt Janet, having the girls make the cookies for you sounds like a great idea. Please let me know how they turn out if you do make them. We got the boxes unpacked and everything put away by Tuesday afternoon, leaving me scrambling for how to fill up the rest of the week (I had too many helpers on that job). Shanda, I do hope you get that cup of coffee in a shop---I'll join you in the dream.


I've been drinking about four cups of coffee a day lately, more than ever in my life except at Grandma's house. First for the delight and slowing down, but really mostly after hearing this NPR story about Alzheimer's: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128110552. Since I really wanted to hear this news, I've vowed not to pay attention to any more stories about the medical effects of coffee, ever. Except for ones where they find it's even better for you.

Karin Smith

caramel pear sounds fantastic!


Thanks, Greg, for the NPR link. I miss NPR terribly (I know I can listen to it online but it's just not the same), and I treasure stories such as this one. It confirms that I am not drinking enough coffee at this point, something I can easily rectify. The only problem is that I am substituting the unavailable half and half with chocolate, biscuits or toast liberally spread with butter and jam. Maybe I need to start swimming laps with the older two.

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