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Of all the pictures that you post Christie, my favorite ones are the ones of your children. Not only are they beautiful, but it is evident that they are secure and happy as well. Hope all is well with you guys.


These are beautiful pictures - gives us a real sense of "where you live". (Bob would really like those meat pies !)

Suzanne Pannelle

Amazing pictures! You are becoming quite the reporter! I am amazed that you not only remembered the rules of the came, but were able to repeat them in a manner in which we were able to understand what was going in. I still am not sure what is going on at an American football game. :)
Seriously, the scenery photos are amazing.


@Suzanne: Thanks for the comments. I had some help from Wikipedia when we got back home to help me describe how the game is played. I am sure I don't know anymore than you do about American football. As for trying new foods, I think it all goes back to our trips to Manila when we were teen-agers. I have always regretted not trying baloot.

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