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What are all those wires in the street pic!?
I'll be singing that kookabura song all day noe, you know.
I enjoyed the bird pictures (you need a telephoto lens!) and the facts. God's creatures always amaze me. That's interesting that the young one helps like that. And the parakeet is so colorful!
Sarah wore one of the gymboree outfits you gave her yesterday. (pink long sleeved shirt and striped pants). I got to go into Gymboree yesterday and I bought her a few adorable head bands (they are too big though)..she'll have to grow into them.


I love the bird pictures!!!!! I was curious as well with the wires in the street. Have fun unpacking!


The wires are for the trams that run throughout the city. I haven't ridden one yet with the kids, but we probably will soon. I have to figure out how to pay for it ahead of time, because I don't want to be fumbling with change trying to pay for five people (I still have a hard time with the money here). Shanda, I have asked for a camera for either my birthday or Christmas, and Ross says he will get me whatever I want. I'll wait until we are back in the U.S, though to buy one because they are at least double the price here.


We just spent a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying Christie's entertaining narration and your fantastic pictures!!!! We feel like we are on the adventure with you.....what a wonderful blog! Josh read aloud as we caught up on your last two weeks. Many chuckles and ooh's and ahhhh's later, we decided that although we miss our dear neighbors very much, we are excited for your time in the "down under". Much love, hugs, and prayers to you all!

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