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Amy Smith

What a day! I would need a couple of days off after that adventure. I am pround of the way you handled it. When I lived in Luxemburg, I once boarded a bus that I presumed would take me home. Instead I was transported to the outskirts of an industrial section of town where the driver insisted I deboard. I had gotten an inkling that this might happen as I had been the lone passenger on the bus for some time as all others had long ago found their stops. After trying to flag down buses that raced by over the next hour, I ended up hitchhiking. Praise God the good samaritan who picked me up informed me that he was on his way to church!

Amy Smith

By the way, I love the double entendre in your post's title. Brilliant!


I died laughing when you mentioned "The Look"! I do the same thing when planning outings w/ the kids, although they're pretty much used to my slap-dashery way of following my nose for directions. However, this drives Carl crazy. Note to self: plan better when spouse is accompanying. (p.s. bring map, too!) I will give Brianna that job!


Christie, I am continually amazed at how much you are getting out of the house and having adventures of all kinds!!! I loved reading this story about your day....and can sympathize with the nervous feeling you get when you don't quite know where you are going!
The Titanic story has always fascinated me. Good for Katie for becoming an expert on the topic. :) I'm glad you had fun and those fried potatoes sounded yummy.


Wow! You certainly had an adventure!! I still find it VERY easy to get lost here and I've been here over 2 and a half years!

Lord of The Fries is my favourite junk food - It's 100% vegetarian, with all menu items veganisable!Love those home made fries!

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