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Sitting on my couch with a baby girl and five boys around me...and was so happy to see this lovely blog post just for me! I hope there will be further installments, I would like to see more photos of the books. You might get funny looks, but you are our "australian eyes"! The library can't be the same as US ones. Can you find your favorites there?
I also think that uniforms are a great idea. But then our shopping malls might suffer. (said sarcastically).
The ice cream looks fantastic.

Suzanne Pannelle

I'll have an after dark, carmel pear or jaffa smasher (just because it sounds fun!) please. :) I am amazed at your cooperative kids! Make sure you tell them how much we love to see their smiling faces.
About the uniforms - is the US like the only country that doesn't use them? They are a fantastic - so much easier to buy and wear all year long.
You have inspired me to go to our library more often. We have been there twice this week and Carina is looking to go again. Maybe I can park down the block to get the feel of walking there! Just kidding. However, it wouldn't kill me to walk to Kmart or the grocery store here. Now that the temperatures should start to drop to a more comfortable level, we will have to get out there more. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Love reading your posts.

Suzanne Pannelle

Ooh...I just saw the tiramisu - I'll have that too! :)

BTW, you have to figure out how to make these blogs all into a book - someday this will just be a memory. You have a fantastic story here

Suzanne Pannelle

Don't know what was with the time on that blog - it is definitely not 6am!

OK, I am going to stop posting here now.............


Thanks, Shanda and Suzanne for the responses to the library post. Shanda, I really do plan to find some new favorite books here, but at this point blogging and emailing are eating up all of my reading time. I can think of a few my kids have found though, so I'll be sure to include them in a future post. I am gradually getting over my dislike of taking pictures in public--working on it anyway, much to Katie's dismay. Suzanne, the time on typepad is Pacific Standard. I have no idea how to change it, nor do I know if I even can. I really need a crash course on blogging/technical stuff.


How refreshing to spend time together walking everywhere! I love those cute little gardens! I'm sure it's hard to refrain from picking your own little bouquet along the way.lol


I'm almost certain that the best flavors are the exotic ones. Here's betting that the fruit kinds are especially piercing and pungent, in a good way. Or maybe it's just because the goods look so much like Italian ice cream. Speaking of which, it is astonishing how much better some stores are than others. They often look exactly the same but you gotta ask. What I mean is, you can't consider your research complete or even half-baked until you've tried say ten ice cream shops. Should only set you back a few hundred dollars but then this will be money you've saved baking your own $3 cookies.


This post inspired several good thoughts. Because of our close proximity to Perry Highway, we drive most everywhere. One good thing though, we can walk to the elementary school. Perhaps we will try walking there more often this year. Thanks for the idea.
Also, I do love the pictures. I love seeing your kids happy faces. They are beautiful!
Lastly, the ice cream looks divine. Especially "the Mint"!
Enjoy your day!


Oh yeah, forgot to tell ya, the kids did great w/ their summer reading at the library this summer. Brianna and Jeremy entered the teen reading contest. They both read at least 20 books this summer. Jeremy even won one of the grand prizes! Hooray! I have been doing better on my reading this summer, too. Actually read about 5 books, and I have about 5 more sitting on my nightstand in process. So many books, so little time!

Amy Smith

Hi Wilkins!
Evan was thrilled to be mentioned in your blog. You should try to drop all of your friends' and family members' names at some point. It makes us feel wonderful to be remembered! Evan couldn't pick a flavor, but I request that you try the caramel pear (and please tell me it was disgusting, because I'm pretty sure I can't get it here)! Evan also wants to know if the chocolate in Australia is any good. We'll be waiting for your report.

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