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How frustrating for a game to end in a tie! It looked like a great atmosphere though. I had to chuckle about the orchestra not really playing. I'm so glad to see you meeting more and more people.

Travis Smith

Miss you, Christy/Ross. Enjoy reading you blogs. Aunt Jane

Sandra Sunkel-Lozell

Oh how wonderful going to the game! I'm with you on the astonishment of a draw, colour this Kiwi girl perplexed. I'm amazed that it's the biggest professional final, really?? Bigger than Super Bowl??
Barracking for St Kilda in this household.


Looks like so much fun but I'm also amazed that the game will be played all over again next weekend. Does the same audience get to go again, for free?!?


@Shanda, I am not entirely sure how the tickets are distributed the second time around, but it seems to be a big money maker for the Australian Rules Football League. I assume the same people who purchased tickets the first time around have the opportunity to do so again. Many will not be able to go for various reasons (we know of a wedding, for example, which never would have been planned on the original game day), so I guess it means that some who missed out the first time will have another chance.

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