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Love Kiwis but never had a gold kiwi. Best way to eat a kiwi is to slice it in half latitudily and then scoop out the inside with a spoon. Sort of like eating a grapefruit. Learned this trick in American Samoa.

PS did you know the fruit originated in China but due to American advertising it was decided to call them Kiwis were they were grown for mass exportation?


@John We didn't know about the fruit originating in China---thanks for the info. We are constantly learning new things these days. We'll be sure to have gold kiwis on hand if/when you visit.

Karin Smith

it must take LOADS of mental and emotional energy to be living in a new culture. i can imagine that you are exhausting yourselves daily just by existing. i remember feeling that way the summer i spent in colombia. at least you have the assurance from you freinds that it will get better. keep your chins up!


We always eat our kiwi's like John describes. Now I feel smart (I thought it up myself). :) Great post, as usual Christie! I think about you constantly. Even dreamed about you the other night.

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