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Leslie Doyle

You can be so proud of her! We are glad that the Lord directed you to the right place. Going to school is huge for both child and parent, especially after homeschooling. Is everyone else off to school or staying home?
Abby says thanks for preparing her so well. Spanish 2 is going very well!


Awesome! If she is anything like Brianna with those great firstborn strengths, she will not only like it, but flourish there. So glad the Lord opened the door for you. Katie looks so grown up, and positively happy. What a great kid!

Linsey Smith

Yay, Katie! We didn't doubt for a second that she would handle this well and enjoy doing it. Thank you for sharing this with us.:)


Katie looks so pretty in her school clothes and doesn't look worried a bit. I'm so proud of her, and thankful that the Lord led you guys to such a nice school.

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