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What a great day !I'm sure the kids had a wonderful time - I know I would have. The displays are so colourful. Tel Katie I like her Roots Canada sweatshirt ! Great photos, once again.

Amy Smith

Sounds like great fun Christie! The photos are fantastic! We went to the State Fair of Virginia on Monday and spent much of our time seeing some of the same things you all did! We also loved the baby animals, as well as the civil war encampment and Rosaire's Racing Pigs. Hannah was selected as a cheerleader for one of the pigs. When her pig came in first place, she won a bag of trinkets and her adult chaperone (her daddy) received Virginia Lottery trinkets (kids aren't allowed to win the lottery items). Among Brian's items were ten scratch-off tickets. We won $32 total!

Karin Smith

oh man. what more could a kid want? conrad would be so excited to go to an event like that.


I have a big smile on my face. By the way, where are you getting all this energy from? :)

Linsey Smith

Andy and I enjoyed reading and looking at your pictures. Wow Max would have loved this show.:)

Suzanne Pannelle

Looks like a great time! I wonder along with Shanda - How DO you do it all? I can barely keep up with the housework and Carina's work. Where do you get your energy? Seriously, though, I am glad you are having so many wonderful experiences. Not that I had any doubts that you would :)

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