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Suzanne Pannelle

Beautiful pictures!!! I love the flowers. I am jealous :) I do love the donning of sweaters, but I would be ready for spring in about 2-3 weeks. We have one last peach rose hanging on in our yard. It's so nice that your house is surrounded by flowers. also, I love the bit about humor. That's the kind of joking I like - drives Andy crazy! Very interesting post :)


All those beautiful flowers, and you didn't even have to plant them !
Interesting - their humor( or humour, in Canada!)


I haven't checked in for a while but I've been reading and marveling apace. Grandma R. and I enjoyed looking over our black-and-white paper version of the blog last night, especially. The tall poppy post, now that started to make things make sense. And now the humor seals the deal. It sounds like Dad is going to fit right in. But we're still having trouble explaining this whole globe thing to the kids. On Saturday Conrad and I tried to find you guys by looking down a very deep hole until he remembered and reminded me that Australia is under the water. Which is kind of true.


@Suzanne: We'll look forward to sharing our warm weather and flowers with you in January during your visit. I think the Smith humor fits in pretty well down here. @AJ
I am very grateful that I get to enjoy the fruit of others' labor in our garden. Australians, apparently, go back and forth between American and British/Canadian spelling, and both are considered acceptable, thankfully. @Greg, Thanks for checking in. James has finally figured out that Australia includes more than our house, and he can find it on the globe, but the whole concept of geography is very confusing to him, especially when we throw England into the mix.

Suzanne Pannelle

Looking forward to it as well. We had to do a comparison on 8 different animals in Science the other day, so I pulled out a book on animals from Australia and we did the comparison on those. Very interesting how they have so many animals that live no where else.

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