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This is a great blog ! I like Cameron's comment - can't eat blog for supper !
Condolences to Ross on the ticket.


Ooo! That's a shame. And what a price tag for 1.4 seconds. I hope they'll give Ross some grace. What a bummer. Carl would go crazy. He just got a parking ticket in Oakland for parking 18" over the yellow line because the vehicle in front of him was over the line to start with. He definitely lost some sleep over it. Well, I guess if your kids can't eat blog for supper, mine can't eat comments for supper either. It's only 9:45 in the morning, but I better get my supper on to cook (soup). Have a great night (?)!

Suzanne Pannelle

Andy informed me that he used to give a full 4 seconds for a red light when he was on the road!

Suzanne Pannelle

BTW, how has your water usage been? Or should you not post that!! Just curious if you found a leak or thief

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