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Suzanne Pannelle

WOW! Fantastic views! I love the beach pictures and the rock formations. Beautiful! However, I would have had to have a great telephoto lens to get the shot you did of the lizard. No way would I have been able to stop and look. I'd be afraid it was going to attack! I'm sure it could run faster than me. I can't even look at them at the zoo with thick glass between us. Yikes!
The forest and bridge shots were really cool. How neat to be able to look at the trees from above. After hearing about the london bridge story, I think I'd have to ask - did they learn what the mistake was for the collapse so they don't repeat it? That just confirms my fears of swinging bridges!
Great post - Like father, like daughter - a pleasure to read :)

Amy Smith

Fabulous post Mr. Smith. What an extraordinary visit you are having. My hubby says you saw a blue tongue skink and that they are harmless. We LOVED the photos!


Nicely put, Dad, and a very good post all round. The bit about Australian animals and their uncomfortable habit of being deadly is just about perfect ("that's all I'm saying"). It made Karin and me laugh on the way to meeting this morning (she read it to me while I was driving). It also made us jealous. More details soon, we hope.


I very much enjoyed this guest entry from Christie's dear DAD! Great observations and humor...especially the part about the four apostles who dove into the water.
The bridge walk looks amazing!

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