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Work life balance. A very interesting subject considering I am about to accept a position with a new company. Thank you for the statistics. It gives me a comparison of the cultures which helps me easily see Austrailia. The line of thought is also personally challenging. What are our motivations for our "achievements" ? Do they align with scripture? Keep at the writing Christie. I'm sure it seems like effort with all the extra things to do.


I will not covet, I will not covet....lol It looks sooo beautiful there Christie! I love the work/balance concept. We were just going over the 10 commandments this morning and "remember the Sabbath Day" kept sticking out to me. As a society, we need to learn to stop and smell the roses. Life goes by so fast. I need to obey God and stop listening to my head telling me a hundred things that need done. I'd be interested to see the health statistics of Australia vs U.S. I'm wondering if the more balanced life style would help a lot of health issues (high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, etc...) due to the lowered stress levels. Hmmmm, maybe a post suggestion???lol


I think you know how I feel about long work days and too-short vacations and weekends! I'm glad to see that there are some sensible people in this world. ;) I enjoyed seeing your Dad's pictures. I think you have some very special parent's Christie. I've known you through the years and have noticed that they've always BEEN THERE for you and your family....it's a precious blessing!

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