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Katie, I'm glad you have some good memories of the Tekka Market. I think the rain brought out the worst of the smells. I loved your blog. Love, Dad.

Amy Smith

Great blog Katie! What a great way to start my day! Isn't it funny how smells can create the strongest impressions, even more than what we hear and see?


Katie, I loved reading your post about the market. I read somewhere that our sense of smell is very strong and is closely intertwined with our memory. Thanks for sharing about your experience.


Dear Katie, I am proud of your writing skills. My favorite part was when you were shopping and your mom said wait until later in the week to buy things but then it rained and she changed her mind. It made me laugh.
I know you are a big help and blessing to your Mom. I'm glad you are having a good time there in Australia! You sure are learning a lot.

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