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Great to see some good old Ohio winter pictures ! Looks like the kids are really enjoying the snow, even the shovelling . And, that pie ! Must have been one of Grandma Roosinck's. You're one lucky family!
Tell Andy and Linsey that Lea is beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Amy Smith

Happy Birthday Katie. The 6th right? She has become such a lovely young lady! I'm so glad you all have been enjoying your whirlwind visit home. I sure hope we will see you your next trip stateside.

Leslie Doyle

Happy Birthday! You are growing up into such a lovely young lady!


Oh Christie, your posts do leave me quite teary-eyed! We wish Katie a very happy belated birthday. Jeremy turns 12 this Tues (21st). Can't believe they are 12! You have such beautiful kids. I was stunned by the pictures of Katie; how much she looks like her Momma these days! So pretty! Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.


The picture of the 4 kids.....Cameron's expression is hilarious!


I was rather annoyed with him over his expression I must admit. It was too late at night to try for another picture.

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