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Really excellent pictures, Christie. I know you like the new camera, I've witnessed the joy at first hand, but I think we regular readers of the blog are going to enjoy it, too.

Suzanne Pannelle

I agree - excellent pictures! It was great to see so many closeups of my cousins. I miss those brothers of yours! :) I could just hear the voices and laughter in that living room as if I were there. You did a wonderful job of capturing the spirit.
As for the New Year, we have yet to celebrate but will be in 12 or so hours. The temp is supposed to be high here - possibly the 40's in Pittsburgh, but I would prefer the poolside New Years party! Looking forward to some of that 90 degree weather.


Hi Christie, I am typing this as we travel back home from a visit to NY for Christmas with our families. I love your pictures....all the good close ups...I showed J and E the one of C opening his legos. Katie looks more mature, so pretty with her earrings and bright happy face. I see S has a new AG doll. Loved seeing your Gma and the 4 generations. SO GLAD you got home for the holidays.
Happy New Year!


@Shanda---good to hear from you, and I wanted to respond that I had to show Cameron the pictures of your boys' presents as well. Hope you have a safe trip. I thought of you frequently yesterday as I used my new telephoto lens to take hundreds of pictures--especially when I was photographing the seagulls, butterflies and flowers,


You have a big new camera AND a telephoto lens? Goodness! Now you're inspiring me to get one of those lenses. :) Isn't photography fun? Thanks for thinking of me, friend! I'm in the process of reading your latest blog entry and imagining the gorgeous Australian weather.

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