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Suzanne Pannelle

Christie, I love your account of our wonderful day! You are correct in your lamenting not being able to include the sounds and feel of the day. I believe that coast to be the most beautiful place on the earth (from my limited experience!)
I appoligize at not getting the picture of the guys changing into their wetsuits to you before your post - my computer is currently loading #1030 of 1469 pictures. I had to clear some space on my computer today to make room for all the pictures I took!
The photo of the Great Cormorant is fantastic! The pictures don't show unfortunatly how huge it was!
Thanks again for a fantastic day!


I often feel that same way about photos...they just don't go far enough to allow the reader to experience what we see and feel. For instance, the pictures I share of baby S. really don't do her justice. ;) So I understand what you mean, and also understand the wonderful soul-ache of the beauty of creation and how it makes a person feel so small and God seem so utterly and awesomely HUGE (a very good feeling, indeed!). And yes, how loved we are, truly, by our Father.
The pictures ARE lovely, the sky so very blue and the water sparkly and alive.
How nice of Ross to make you dinner at the end of a happy day!

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