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Christie - your neighborhood is indeed beautiful. And to think, your Mom , Dad. and Grandma are soon going to be able to enjoy it with you. I'm SO jealous !


I'll come stroll with you!! The pictures are gorgeous! But I want to see the beautiful blooms in person :). Mind if I drop by sometime? - maybe next week if you're not busy...


Gorgeous gardens! All the pictures were lovely, my favorite was the 4th on down of those mauve blossoms. I'm glad you mentioned the flood. The children and I saw a news clip about it and I immedietly wondered about you.
We had a huge snowstorm yesterday. Rich worked from home thanks to those wonderful inventions, laptops and blackberries. ;P


Carol wrote "Alstroemeria, Alium, Iris and so much more that I don't know. Would like to know what the tree is with the purple blossoms. Thank you so much for sharing. Do people really get into plants or is it just really easy to grow everything?"

People seem to be very keen on gardening here. The drought (which we have a hard time believing actually existed) put a damper on things, but this year is green and lovely.

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