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Wow ! Could you come and stay with us for a week or so Joe? Imagine all the repairs you could do for me that somehow just don't seem to get done around here !
Great post- Christy has taught you very good writing skills !


Your dad is such a hoot. What a great sense of humor and how great that he could help with repairs. Hope you are well! I love reading your Aussie adventures!


Aunt Janet--you might want to give him some time to recover before asking him to start in on your house. We have given him quite a workout. As for any writing skills, I believe he has taught me rather than vice versa. Nicole--we are excited for you. Hope you are feeling as well as can be expected at this stage.


I was giggling so much that Davy came over to see what in the world I was reading. What a great post!
"The house held up rather well considering that it managed to keep out almost half the rain." LOL

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