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Wow ! What a way to welcome your parents and grandma! They certainly will have lots of memories ! Glad to see they made it safely, and could even smile amidst their tiredness and unexpected activity ! Give them our love. (That t-shirt is so cute,BTW )


Glad you guys are okay. I just saw the videos of flash floods on the BBC and rushed to the blog. The weather's been kind of apocalyptic lately. All we have is piles of snow and pretty much bitter cold every day. But then it's pretty much the same in Dallas, I guess …

Suzanne Pannelle

Wow! I feel so bad for you guys! It must have been a crazy day. Although I am sorry that your parents (and grandma) had a long day, I am glad they were there to help you! It seems you are in for a chilly week as well. I hope that it warms up for your visitors. I had such a beautiful week there, they need to experience that as well! I don't think the weather could have been more perfect that week. Not that I had anything to do with it!


Wow! That's crazy! So glad you were home and not alone---two very good things to be thankful for, as you pointed out! Great pictures though, of a family ready and willing to help one another.

Allyson Ripple

I agree that you were still fortunate, despite the ceiling stains, the flooded garage, and the overall damage Cyclone Yasi brought upon your home and neighborhood. How is everything after two years? I hope you’ve fixed the leaks by now, so that your home will be more prepared, if another cyclone comes (though I sincerely hope it won’t happen again to you and your family). The weather has been more erratic in recent years, and that’s why it is important to equip our homes and bolster our home security to prevent any further damage on our properties. Hope you check the walls, the roof, the gutters and the sidings regularly. :)

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