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What a beautiful place! John and I went on a cruise before we had kids. One of our stops was Grand Cayman Islands. We found a wonderful place to snorkel and a local place was selling food to feed to the fish. So......John bought us two little bags of food. I start letting out the food little by little and all of a sudden there are more fish to count swarming around me. As I tried to push them away (they would come right up to your face), I could feel their slimy little bodies. I look to my left and John is nearly doing somersaults with the fish (he's elated) and I'm starting to panic because the fish are touching me. As I panic, I start shaking my hands. You know what happens then - all of the food in my bag starts to dump out! Oh my goodness. I look over at John and I can see him cracking up. He's motioning to me to stop shaking my hands. After my episode was over and the fish decided to go bother someone else, we did end up seeing a barracuda. That would have been a very UNWELCOME guest!

I'm so excited that you all got to see God's beautiful underwater world!

Suzanne Pannelle

Wow! What a fantastic experience! I love the pictures of you and your family as well. I am impressed with the adventurous attitude of your kids. You did not mention if any coaxing was involved, but I imagine it was not. Your stories of the danger are the exact reason why, if I ever were to make it to the Great Barrior Reef, I would be traveling on the sailboat and underwater boat only!!! I tried snorkeling once in Mexico - even had to convince Andy to go along- and only lasted about one minute. As beautiful as they were, I am satisfied with the pictures or with a piece of glass between myself and the creatures. Andy, of course, was thrilled with the snorkeling and finished the session without me.
Fills me with joy to know that you loved it! It's great to hear you are creating so many memorable moments.

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