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I'll have what he's having!! Yummy! :)

However, as cute as he sounds in your story, I'm glad I not having what you're having (unending math questions!!) I admire your patience. Don't deny that you have it - I have witnessed your answering question after question and you are quite admirable in dealing with it! I'll bet he loves having you all to himself while the others are in school. Thanks for sharing.....miss you guys.

Amy Smith

I love this post an octillion! That is a number, isn't it? Didn't James, earlier in the year, quantify his love for Ross, and ask exactly how many days it would be until he returned to Pittsburgh? What a delightful young man! I have no doubt God has something special in mind for James!


Maybe he'll be the one to balance the budget!LOL

I love the, "How many sleeps?"! My kids have always measured days by that too.

As Suzanne said, I'm sure he's enjoying his time with you. I feel bad, but sometimes I just tell Joshua, "enough words". I can only take a certain amount of words in one day. I definitely need to learn patience from you!

Great post!


James did, earlier this year, claim that he loved his father "forty times," and yes, he kept a running countdown of days before our trip back. Now if I could just get him interested in learning his letters!


This post was so great! I loved it.

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