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Amy Smith

What? You haven't made your Aussie friends a homemade apple pie? ;) Now I'm curious, have you made any all-American dishes for your new pals to try? If so, what did they think? I remember making baked potatoes, chili, chicken and dumplings and chocolate chip cookies for my friends from Luxembourg, things they had never tried. My kids still speak glowingly of some of the dishes you have made for them in the past. Another enjoyable post Christie!


No apple pie . . . my excuse is that there is no frozen pie crust here, nor shortening even if I were ambitious enough to make my own crust. I have made macaroni and cheese, however, enchiladas, and sweet potato casserole. The latter was eaten as a dessert and some even added a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


Christie! I know I am getting post happy...how many american dollars are those true religion jeans?? lol. Jodi

ps-the boys enjoyed camerons basketball game photos.

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