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Great pics.
It IS so fun to take one child. I do not have 4 of course, but taking Carina alone to the zoo (or anywhere for that matter) is so much more relaxing than when the others are along.
Love the smashed elephant sign! Hilarious that you thought to take a photo of it!
That tiger looked very mean and angry. But I think the Lion was the best photo! Loved him.
We have had fun watching the tiger cubs here grow up, but this summer our lion in Pittsburgh died. (So I was told when I asked where he was last month) The brown bear was gone some time last year :( so good thing you get to enjoy them there.

Amy Smith

Gorgeous photos! I'm a bit jealous about taking one child to the zoo. Maybe I should arrange to do that or something similiar. I remember several visits to the zoo with your family... fun memories!


I have good memories of Pittsburgh zoo visits with both of you, Amy and Suzanne. So sorry to hear about the lion (he was a favorite) and the bear. Amy, I credit you for the inspiration to remain for a long period of time at just a few animals rather than try to see the whole zoo. I know it was David's idea originally, but I doubt I would have remembered it were it not for you! And we ate lunch in front of the seals yesterday, watching the school groups come and go, and enjoying long peaceful periods in between. This reminded me of doing the same thing with you in front of the elephants a few years ago.


Love the elephant sign! The pictures are great! I especially love the giraffe's tongue sticking out. I also envy the opportunity to take one child to the zoo. We usually end up in an argument because everyone wants to go in different directions.

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