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Amy Smith

The garden is lovely Christie! We enjoy visiting it with you. Do you know the name of the flower in your second photo?


Beautiful pictures Christie! I noticed the tiny little green bug on the 5th flower. Thank you again for the beautiful desktop pictures. I laugh because John will look at my computer and ask, "Is that one of Christie's pictures?". LOL


Amy, in spite of taking hundreds of pictures of them, I was unable to remember their name, so I asked a friend. This is her reply: "Freesia! My favorite! They're everywhere right now, and oh so beautiful! When I worked at the florist, before children, that was when I discovered their beauty, because I don't believe they can survive the harsh winters in NY or PA." (thank you Jackie!). I did a tiny bit more research and read that they come from South Africa.
Nikki, I didn't notice the bug until I was reviewing the photos later. I felt it did a good job fitting in with my color scheme :)

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