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Hi Christie! This is my favorite post in a while. I love the landscape and your parents look wonderful. So good and healthy. Please tell them hello.

I miss you almost birthday girl!



So cool! Almost from the beginning I was saying "Oh this is beautiful, Oh, I love this shot! I'll have to comment on this one," till I realized I was saying that about almost every photo!! Love the family photo on the rock and the sand dune with all the kids going up. So glad you were able to get to that park with your parents (and that you missed the flood on the previous trip) Hopefully your kids are just getting used to traveling in the car! Have fun with your parents.

Amy Smith

Oh!! Your parents are back! That must mean it's almost your birthday! Happy Early Birthday Christie. And give our regards to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They look fantastic, as does the whole Wilkin Family. Love the photos. We were looking at a box of crackers from our pantry tonight advertising a chance at an instant-win exotic trip for a family of four. We all agreed we'd head to Australia if we won (and because the kids asked, we promised to pay for the fifth Smith, whomever that is, so that none would be left behind). Sadly, we didn't win. Miss you!


So much beauty! I smiled through the whole thing!

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