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What a beautiful job you all did!!! It looks absolutely delicious!

I do have one question however......How did Ross get towards the front of the line?LOL I'm just kidding.

Deb Holt


Truly amazing! What a beautiful spread. Congrats to Gillian too.


Thank you! Nikki, both Ross and David were supposed to be helping us out in the kitchen, especially with the cleanup. Somehow they both managed to sit down and enjoy their food along with all of our guests. Some things never change I suppose!


Christie, that is so funny. I'm sure John would have been out front too!LOL

Crystal Keller

Congrats to both you and Jillian!!!! Looks like you two beautiful women did a wonderful job. Love the mandarin center pieces. So pretty. The food all looked delicious! Looked like everyone had a great time. Real beaut!!!!

Amy Smith

I am speechless! You and Gillian are truly amazing women! It looked beautiful, authentic, prodigious and delicious!


I'm so proud of you! Wonderful! I'm sure it felt great giving this meal to your church family, and fun for them to learn and try new things. Good job, to you and Gillian!

Tez Brooks

Sounds like so much fun. Last year we catered Thanksgiving dinner to our small home group of only 20...so you out did us by far. What a blessing you must have been. Way cool

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