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Amy Smith

Love this post Christie! However, I looked and looked, and I just can't see the kangaroos! :)


Thanks Amy! Time for new glasses maybe?


I saw them! Great pictures of a very interesting place, my friend! The kids must love all the adventures outdoors!


Awesome pictures!! Love the red sand/rock! Actually - this is what I thought all of Australia was supposed to look like!!! Thanks for the priceless education and experiences you have shared with us over the last year Christie. Maybe you will get back here and see the rock in the sun. You never know :) Then you will be one of the few in the world that has seen it in both sun and rain.


Thanks, Suzanne! We frequently made the comment as we drove to and from Uluru that this was what we had imagined all of Australia to be like, except for Bondi Beach of course.

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