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From Marion McLaggan: This really was a treat to read Beth's blog.. and yes I did have a laugh or two! Thanks for including this in your wonderful blog Christie!!

From Becky Giebel: I truly enjoyed reading Beth's perspective on Australia, the lovely Wilkin family, her lovely family and the great photos! Thanks Christie!

Amy Smith

Well done Beth! You are indeed an excellent writer and you have whet my appetite for the great Australian adventure!

Mary McAllister

Hi Beth ... what a great travelogue and its so nice to hear from you. I, too, adored the magnificence of all things Australian, most especially the Great Ocean Road. A wonderful trek it is ... but I hear the 12 Apostles have been reduced in number! Hope, too, you're enjoying the different constelations in the southern sky. If you can identify the Southern Cross (that is also found on the Aussie flag), then 'good on yah!", 'coz I found it challenging ... its no Big Dipper. Have fun ... and keep up with the shirts, sunscreen and hats!!!(slip, slop slap, I think it goes). Cheers, mate!

Trudi Cook

Hi, Beth! Thanks for the blog entry! I just sat and read this out loud to Bruce and Carolyn on the last night of their visit to my home in the Finger Lakes. We enjoyed the photos! Say hi to the others for me and have a wonderful time! I'm jealous about the koalas!

Love, Trudi

Shanda Ives

Great post! I laughed and enjoyed all the pictures. Glad you all are having such a wonderful time. Friends are such a blessing~


What a great post! I love that it was written in your own voice Beth! I could almost hear you saying all this to me. Felt like I was there!

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