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Aww. they look so grown up in their uniforms! Glad they are so excited to start back.
It is so neat that the upper grades have the house concerts. What a great way to start the year getting to know each other and mingling.
Cameron looks so much older from when I saw him last. What a hansome guy.
Sounds like you are having a great start to the new year (minus a few missing clothing items :) I hope it is a good start to a new year with you as well - first time home alone for 13 years!

Amy Smith

How exciting for everyone! And it sounds like they have good teachers all around. I'm continuing to pray for the Wilkins' school experiences!

Shanda Ives

I can imagine the hustle and bustle as you get ready each morning. I'm so thankful that the school experience continues to be so good. You are very blessed!


I'm so excited for them Christie! They have adjusted so beautifully to attending school. I hope they all have a great year and learn a lot!

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