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Just found your blog through "Expat Blog"-great entries and pictures. I've linked yours off of mine (keysdownunder.blogspot.com) under "Other Americans in Melbourne"-hope you don't mind. Seems like we both enjoy taking lots of pictures and exploring our new home! -Aubree :)


Oh, I hope Tamika's ears survived! That is so scary! Wow! Praying for her. I flew a short 2 hour flight with a head cold and thought my head was going to expload. I cannot imagine doing flight after flight with such earpain. Let us know how she does.


OUCH!! I know what busted ear drums feel like. I will pray.


Thanks, Suzanne and Rebecca for your prayers. Aubree, I found your blog the other day, and although I didn't have a chance to comment right then, I enjoyed very much your pictures and reading through some of your experiences in Australia. Lots of similarities! Thanks for the link. Christie

Shanda Ives

Poor Tamika, how did she make out with her hearing?
Sorry to say, I had a little chuckle over the traffic violation! Yikes!

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