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I love hearing about the different words used down under. It must be difficult for you because it is not like you can even look in a dictionary to see the translation.

I was thinking, would the 'wrapped,' actually be rapt? Like filled with emotion or joy?

I don't know how you can understand everyone though! In the days that I visited, I could hardly figure out regular words that were spoken with the accents!

I hope Katie has fun on her camping trip and comes home bite-free.


Hi Suzanne, I'll pass your message on to Katie. She is not looking forward to camp this year. As for "wrapped," you might be right. I did ask a few people, who replied that it was spelled "wrapped," but I didn't really do any proper research.


Aww, I hope Katie has a better time this year.

Carina is doing a notebook on Australia this year and I wanted to let you know that your blog is going to be one of our main resources!! Since it includes many photos, it will be fun to see how many we can get that include cousins. I am glad you put links on some of your pages referring back to other pages on the same or similar topic - so we can iclude them as well.

Thanks so much for sharing all that you have learned and what you are up to. I love reading about it not only because we miss you, but we are becoming more informed about the other side of our world! I am frequently checking your blog to see what's new. Not sure how I missed the quiz :( But it was fun to read the comments.


You probably missed it because you have given up Facebook! I'll be sure to bring you a package or two of Tim Tams when we travel back in June, and for that matter, I'll be happy to bring a package to any one who posts a comment on any of my blog posts between now and then. And you were right about "rapt"---I did some more research this morning.


You have no idea how happy you made me tonight! Always glad to have Tim Tams, but even more excited to hear/read you other commment! I have been trying to keep my opinions to myself as I get older, as it is not usually requested, but when I read your quiz, 'rapt' just popped in my mind. And, actualy, you did ask!
so thank you for that moment :) as I am sure you have experienced with a teen in the house - it is not often that you get to be acknowledged as right.
It is good chatting with you - even if it is miles away.
Miss you
I do frequently check to see if you blog. For awhile there my computer wouldn't let me post. It would just get stuck. So I stopped trying for a bit. However, I do read every single one eagerly, and at times a few days behind. :)

Shanda Ives

Very interesting!


Hello! I'm an Australian just returned from a long holiday to the USA and am very much enjoying reading your blog from start to finish. It's helping me think through some of the odd things I experienced and saw.

Obviously I'm a bit late to comment but wanted to weigh in on the rapt vs wrapped. I'm fairly confident that it is Rapt which is abrieviated from "in raptures (of delight)" but has been used for so long that most have forgotten the original sources.

Also I would explain Ordinary to mean unremarkable or not worth the time/money. Mostly used when someone asks about an experience you don't recommend.

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