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Aunt Marion

Inspiration! This is what I needed to motivate me .. Thanks!

Aubree Keys

Great post (and pictures)! Even as a runner, I enjoyed this. And after my recent ankle problems, I'm converting into more of a walker myself!


LOL...you make me laugh Christie, I couldn't have said it better myself!! I'll have you know that I have copied this blog to share with Mike tonight. Jodi and I went for a walk yesterday evening and your name came up when we talked about our walks and chocolate cake..and all the other random discussions we had. : )
For a real life example of how running wears-out the body...My father-in-law has had two knee replacements and one hip replacement over the past 6 years after countless miles and marathons in his life. Our aging process comes upon us without the necessity of helping it along, so here's to more brisk walks (without the running)!!!
Miss you! ~ Monique


Monique, I feel I should apologize to Mike! Wish I could have joined you and Jodi on your walk. Thanks for your comment, and perhaps I'll see you in June.


I used to run all the time (in my younger years). Running definitely did a job on my knees. I'm definitely a walker!

I wish our scenery around here was as beautiful as your pictures!

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