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Awesome! At least, "honing our skills" on a school sport is a better response than one that I heard at the end of our school year...In answer to the question, "what was your favorite subject in school this year"? The response I received from my 11 yr old was "Recess" and from my 6 yr old, "lunch". I to, hope that my children develop an appreciation for learning beyond recess and lunch. Surely they gleaned more from their studies than how to play soccer and consuming food! : )


I'm happy that Cameron is having such a great time at school and on the field. I'm sure he's learning a lot more than he realizes?
I hope you have a great day, Christie!

Aunt Marion

We love the picture of Cameron and also the pictures with his team mates.
What an awesome kid!!

whits end mom

Love the comment! It is also nice catching up with your blog.

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