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Aunt Marion

Very interesting. My Mother also read "Anne" out loud to me and I think that is partly why I love it so much.
I also liked the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games. We watched the movie of the first book in the series of Hunger Games recently.
Happy Birthday to James tomorrow! Love you James!!

whits end mom

Books. I love, love, love, love, love them. Parting with them is so hard--we did a house purge this past week. I also have neglected reading with the third kiddo. In her case picture books. I read picture books by the dozen to the first two. Audrey can now sit through some chapter books--usually coloring, so I guess I had better get out the Laura Ingall's Wilder series again.
btw. Nice touch with the aperature. I just got a new camera and after playing with it for an hour realized that the aperature doesn't go below a f/4. I want to go down to f/2.


Exciting news about the new camera. Contrary to what I would have expected when I first began taking pictures, I have found a macro lens, even a fairly low-end one, to provide so much more satisfaction and fun than the similar quality telephoto lens that came bundled with my camera. As for books, they were at the top of our priority list when we packed our thirty boxes to move to Australia. They have somehow multiplied, so I am not sure what will happen when it's time to move back home.

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