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Amy Smith

Happy Birthday Dear James!

Linsey Smith

Yay Happy Birthday James, we talked about how you had probably celebrated your birthday by the time we realized it was the day!! Looks like you had a great time, wishing we had been able to take a quick trip to Pitts to enjoy it with you.
Lots of love


Yay - how much fun was that? : )
Fairy bread...interesting. Looks like ice cream sprinkles on a piece of white bread, but what keeps them adhered?

Aunt Marion

It looks like you had a fun party James! I love your cake with your picture on top.. looks like you got lots of presents. I can't wait to see your inventions using duct tape! Happy Birthday!


The sprinkles, called 100s and 1000s, are stuck on with margarine to make the fairy bread. Healthy it is not.


Happy Birthday James!

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