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whits end mom

Did Dr. Sues ever visit Australia??

Christie Wilkin

I am not certain, but it would seem Dr. Suess would feel right at home here. I do know that the previous production at the school our boys attend was "Suessical the Musical."


Hilarious, thanks!

BTW, 'daks' are pants, so 'trackie daks' are tracksuit pants. :-)

Christie Wilkin

Thanks for setting the record straight on the term daks. I should have researched this language item before writing about it :).


Oh my. These posts continue to be so interesting. After reading, I find myself curious enough to want to study further this topic...I'll have to check out your link later as I am getting ready to go to Bible Study this morning.
Thank you for the comment on my blog. I smiled that you liked the picture of Sarah the best...I thought "she likes my baby"...made me feel good.

I think of you daily, Christie! Blessings on your day there. We must write some emails soon to catch up on each other!

Christie Wilkin

Shanda, Of course I love your baby, even though I haven't met her (yet). What fun for you to photograph her during this gorgeous season. Email me sometime when you have nothing else to do :).

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