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Amy Smith

The first photo, for sure, the profusely covered fence and the one two spots below it. I also like the little blue flower with yellow center peeking out between slats. I wish I knew the flower names! I believe you've done photos of coffee, desserts, house numbers and mail slots already? What about street signs, pets, interesting doors, store fronts, lamp posts, license plates, traffic signs and/or signals, public buildings, public restrooms (jk), roofs, spiders, churches? Whatever you do, don't get yourself arrested!

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Amy. Those ideas should keep me going, and photographing, for quite some time! And I don't think you have to worry about me getting arrested :). I really should research the flower names ...

Aubree Keys

Very creative! I like the 3rd and 10th ones best. And I vote for a pet picture post!

monique nagel

Hi Christie. What a fun project. All of your photos make me want to take a photography class! All the pics are stunning in their own way but I have two favorites. I love the lily (?) In front of the weathered wooden fence; the contrast is stricking. The second one is the photo of the white fence with the round knocker on it...with the lone blue flower playing a game of peek-a-boo!:-)

For other ideas...I didn't read the other posts so this may be a repeat. I love the photo signs that capture forms of letters in the architecture. Wouldn't it be fun to make a "wilkins" or "australia" sign for your home using photos from there? It would have so much more meaning to your family than one ordered from a catalog with generic photos! Whatever you decide, have fun!!

Aunt Marion

Hi Christie! All the pictures are so pretty but I'll try to pick my favourites....
(2051) Purple daisy -like , peeking from a white fence.
(1965)White fence "44" -love this one-even the steeple in the background.
(2016) Little brave blue flower peeking through.
What about a project with pictures unique to churches? I thought about stained glass, ends of pews,dedication plaques,etc.
There are lovely artifacs in Jewish temples. (That might be a stretch!)
Troy's suggestion is peoples shoes!! HaHa

Annie Hofler


It's terribly difficult to pick a favorite! I love 2051, 1763(1), 2016, 2110, 2068 and 2221!

As for future subjects, I like your leaves as well as flowers. And textures - like the bark on trees, for example. And rocks, there are some pretty colors and patterns in rocks too.

Looking forward to your next post!

Christie Wilkin

I really enjoyed all of the feedback and am grateful for all of the new ideas. Thanks all!

Margery Zeller

I've so enjoyed following your Australian (and American vacation) adventures. Your pictures are always engaging, but this blog they are absolutely stunning!


Christie - I love the third photo. The angle of the camera and the contrast of the oranges and pink against the white are really great!

whits end mom

The apple bloosoms? are my favorite. What about photographing the alphabet--the A in the beams of the bridge, the B in the cracks in the side walk, etc. . . Or. Pick a color for a week. All things pink. Only things rainbow colored. Silver items. Or. only reflections--in windows, in mud puddles, in hubcaps, etc. . . I think I just gave my self a few idea!! Or (I have always wanted to do this) photograph the fruits of the spirit--love,joy, peace, etc. . .


Simply beautiful photos! I love the concept as well!


I like the 3rd one down and then the one nearer the end...the sweet blue flower and the handle.
What about a series of photos looking down at your shoes, with some other feature in the photo that has to do with that day.....you could even bend down and put your iphone or cup of coffee in the pic. Pick a flower and lay it on the sidewalk, or add someone's dog go the pic. ha ha

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