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Aunt Marion

So pretty in pink!
Barry's favourite is the first one...img.2598
Mine is the rose DSC 0040
So much fun to pick a favourite!!


0057, but 0388 is really great too! The non-flower ones are very nice also.


I honestly can't pick a favorite. When I was scrolling down, I chose one for my desktop. Next picture.....I then chose that one.lol I LOVE the rose pictures!

Lisa Db3

I love the pink daisy with the unfocused purple flowers. Your photography is awesome!


Christie Wilkin

Thanks all for the feedback! Lisa, your photo of the sunset at Cape Schanck is my favorite from that place even though I have made numerous visits and taken hundreds of photos of my own.

whit's end mom

Maybe the nineth one? but I like the three above it as well. I am loving your lens. What camera do you use and what lens are you using for the close-ups?

Christie Wilkin

I have a Nikon d5000. Most of the photos were taken with my macro lens---I just purchased the cheapest one on offer at our camera store in Melbourne. I am sure a more expensive one would be even better, but I have loved using it. It says Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 40mm 1:2.8 G.


I liked 6 and 9.

All so pretty!

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