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Anne Jones

You could sell your photos. They are so beautiful! I love reading your blog. :) The purple flowers have been my favorite. Maybe because I can't imagine seeing them in December. :)

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Anne! It really doesn't seem like Christmas is just around the corner, but we are preparing for it anyway. Sounds like you have enjoyed a mild start to winter in Pittsburgh.

Sophie Wilkin

I think this post is really pretty. the purple flowers are really nice.




I especially love the 8th picture down. It's so unusual. I definitely agree with Anne that you could sell your photos. You should start a greeting card line. They certainly have brightened up my wallpaper on my computer. Thank you!

Linda Renaud

I like the first picture, taken at your Cousin Maxine's cottage. The previous set of pictures showing a house with purple/white fencing is beautiful too. Australia is gorgeous.



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