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whit's end mom

I have never heard Australia referred to as "Oz"--that doesn't mean much, but I threw it in. #1 would be a very fun read for me, but the book would be very different from the book, "Expat Family Lives in and Loves Australia" I can see why you like this one--it is descriptive and upbeat. Not a rank on relocation. Do we get to know which one you picked?

Christie Wilkin

I will definitely let you know how it goes tomorrow, and what kind of response I receive. I also wasn't aware of the nickname "Oz" before we moved here. I chose it instead of Down Under because I have been told that's preferred by Australians. However I would probably swtich to Down Under for an American audience.

Aunt Marion

I like 3c . I feel that it covers any citizen from any country that moves to Oz. Therefore would appeal to a wider audience.
I'm anxious to hear what you decide!


How about "Global Families Survival Guide Relocating to Oz"?

I have no idea what I'm talking about!LOL I like all of your choices. I guess it comes down to what you really want to write about. I can say that I've enjoyed your language posts. I've excitedly talked about them with the family. I agree with whit's end mom that #1 is catchy and fun. On the other hand, I'm sure the survival guide would lend a great help to people getting ready to relocate to Australia.

Please let us know what you picked!


Well my instructor and classmates voted overwhelmingly for option 2, the Global Families Survival Guide to Relocating Overseas. So now I don't know which one to pursue! I will have to decide soon.

Linda Renaud

I like #3a. I think that phrase would spark someones curiosity leadiing them to read further.

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