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Those photos are amazing, are you still shooting with the Nikon? Whatever lens you have must be very fast to capture those crystal clear pictures while in a boat. Truly you are a very talented lady , I love your writing and candid observations. What a great legacy for your family!

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Dreama for your kind words! I am still shooting with a Nikon, but I splurged on a d600 just before our trip. I switched back and forth between a faster wide angle lens (24 to 85mm) and a telephoto during the yellow water cruise. We weren't traveling very fast, so that helped.

Linda R

Your sunrise photo of the Yellow River was beautiful! I hope your are compiling all of your writings/photos into a book for a keepsake for your family. Glad Cameron finally spotted a snake!

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Linda! I am in the process of attempting to write a book, but it's going to take a while :).

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