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I didn't realize that there were palm trees there. I love them! I'll be praying for a safe trip and a wonderful reunion with your family.

whit's end mom

Actually, I am wondering if childbirth would be easier because mine only lasted 12 hours, and I only had to deal with one kid, and a hospital bed is more roomy than a coach class seat.
But traveling actually ends, whereas, child rearing doesn't.
On a different subject--love the tree shots.

Christie Wilkin

I'm glad you both enjoyed the tree photos! I sometimes think that the palm trees are a bit out of place in Melbourne, but I liked the way the light was shining on them in the photo I included in this post. As for the ordeal of traveling from Australia to North America, there are many moments during that trip when childbirth seems like a breeze in comparison. I was planning to send a wave toward whit's end today because we were scheduled to fly into Detroit and then drive to Mt Pleasant. However, our flight was canceled and we are stuck in Newark instead. The joys of summertime travel ...


nice information together with great photos.

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