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Dreama Galbraith

Christy, once again your photos astound me. I love the dock shot just before the fireworks! Nice work. Happy Independence Day!

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Dreama! I was really wishing that I had lugged my tripod with me halfway around the world so I could properly capture the fireworks. Happy Canada Day to you (just a few days late ...).


I like the dock shot as well! Happy 4th!

Kent Keller

Lovely shots Christie. So glad you all could spend time with your extended family this past week!


Thanks Kent and Nikki. A happy weekend to both of your families.

Jane Smith

Great pictures, Christie. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love those "cousin" pictures. The gathering kind of reminds me of our family gatherings we used to have when all the grandchildren were young.


Thanks Aunt Jane! I can better imagine now what those days were like for you. Eighteen is quite a crowd but I know your numbers were much higher.


beautiful, so beautiful.

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