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whit's end mom

I'm with you on books and technology--such a battle. And then I have the guilt that maybe I am crippling his future as he/she won't have as much tech experience as his/her peers. LOVE the outfit!


Yes, that is a dilemma. My kids were definitely behind the scene technologically speaking when we put them in school after homeschooling them for six years. However I don't regret their mostly screen-free early childhoods.


Hi i love reading your blog and i was thinking for james perhaps a few board games the whole family can enjoy. My children liked snakes and ladders etc.


Thanks Barbara. Board games are a great suggestion.


we love raold dahl! james and the giant peach might be our favorite, but charlie and the chocolate factory is definitely up there, and matilda is a very close third.


Don't get me started on technology....although one good thing is the unabridged books on the ipod, my children have listened to many good ones over and over (including Hans Brinker!)

That the Wonka costume was such a great idea! I love it...and that last picture is priceless.

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